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Update on the Mayo appointment


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Remember when I said the doctor from Mayo called me on Thursday? Well - I've been pondering what he said to me....the more I think about it the more I'm just SHAKING my head in disbelief.

He asked me how many biopsies Mike had. When I said one, he said "Has he had a biopsy of the lung?" "No". Then he asked "And he hasn't had the liver biopsied again?" "No, just cat scans"

Then he OFFERED the following...."You can't tell from a cat scan if a cyst or lesion is benign or malignant. The only way to be certain is to have a biopsy."

Now - I think he OFFERED that information to me for two reasons.

1) To give me a glimmer of hope. I've heard the doctors of Mayo are just WONDERFUL....it's their mission to SAVE the hopeless.

2) To let me know exactly WHY they want to see Mike.

I believe when I described the general condition of Mike, how there is no signs of liver failure, yet the doctor refuses to do another cat scan, something "clicked" with the doctor. He said they would want to do their own battery of tests before a consultation with Mike. It's like they want a clean slate. Then he asked me who Mike's oncologist is...when I replied, he said "Oh" - That's all. Interesting. I have found that doctors will sing each other's praises if they respect another doctor, but if they think a doctor is faulty...they just say "oh". :lol:

Maybe - just maybe he thinks when the brain mets occurred - the doctor and the pathologist ASSUMED the cancer returned in the liver. They were after all - still looking at the three spots that never went away but were "deemed" benign cysts last July. Now why all of sudden were we told those three spots were "hot" again...if, as Dr Marks said you can't tell from a cat scan.

Confused yet? Sorry - It's hard to explain! Last July when we were told they couldn't "see" any more cancer cells the doctor did say the three cysts were still there, about the same size as they had been from the VERY beginning.

Then when Mike had the brain mets, we were told those three cysts had "cancer activity." How could they tell from an inconclusive cat scan??

I've checked on the internet and it is written that you can't tell benign or malignant from a cat scan...MRI's do a little better, but the only way to be "certain" is with a tissue biopsy.

WHEW! If you are still with me.....let me just say this. Mike and I are EXTREMELY encouraged. I feel like we have a 7 or 8 card hand! LOL

Anyway - I had a voice message on my cell phone (which is acting up - won't ring - but they can leave a message!) Anyway - First thing tomorrow I call back to find out when we are going to Mayo!

Love and hugs,

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Such wonderful news. You have shown the reason why you do not give up. Remember, Bernie Siegel said you are either living or dead, so while you are living, go for it.

I think cancer makes you see doctors in a whole new light. I left my original oncologist after feeling like he was waiting for me to get a recurrence. They are only human, but I don't have to stay with one I don't like.

At the time of my original lung cancer CAT scan. They were watching another spot on the other lung that was too small to biopsy. Well, two years later, no one even mentions the spot anymore.

Good luck.

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Each day is a new day and it may just be the day that research goes Eureka! Being agressive in Mike's treatment can only help that he gets the absolute latest in medical science to allow him to survive and live a long life to drive his wife crazy like all husbands are meant to do,

Sorry for long rambling sentence. Good for you that you got Mike to Mayo. My sister had calcium poisoning 3 years ago. Her local hospital did 22 tests and could not find a reason for it. They told her it would most likely return and at that point they would have to send her to a place like the Mayo Clinic. Yep it is absolutely the place of choice.

Good luck and keep us posted.

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Shannon, I agree that this sounds very positive. Isn't it great when you follow your gut and its RIGHT!!! I LOVE when that happens. You and Mike sure are on the right track now!!! I think I can, I think I can... All aboard!!! I keep thinking, and hearing these words in the voice of Yosemite Sam "I HATES when doctors make assumptions!!!"

Keep us posted. Take care, Deb

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Shannon & Mike, It certainly DOES sound like you're on the right track!

I think this board should be mandatory reading for all oncologists, so they can see where they're lacking "people skills." I'm guessing that most of them don't have a clue how their patients feel about them. And how unnecessarily hard they make life for patients and caregivers. *Sorry, I'm almost on a rant. Gotta stop watching Dennis Miller reruns.* JudyB

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