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No Cancer!!!

Tracey Huguley

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Just wanted to update all of you. Godfrey does not have cancer. We received the final news this week. :lol:

I've been exhausted....

He does have chronic interstitial lung disease. If any of you know what the best treatment for this is...we would appreciate it...seems like it is going to be a guessing game.

They want him to start on steroids and then we'll see.

This has been a roller coaster. I'm excited and at the same time I feel sad that everyone can't have this outcome.

His pulmonary Dr. said today that another person just came to him and was dx with stage 4 lung cancer and did not have any tumor/masses. :twisted:

Be careful. Seems some doctors are too quick to dx something that may not be lung cancer.

Thanks for all your support. I'd love to stay here and be a support to you and others that may come here.

Love and hugs,

Tracey and Godfrey Huguley and kids and dogs....smile...

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Such good news for all of you. Very happy for all.

Such is true, however, lung disease of any kind is not a good thing. I have interstitial fibrosis (among other things...!!) and it contributes to Shortness of Breath. I hope that the steroids will help him in the combat!

Very good. Just very good.

Cindi o'h

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