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Andrea, Congratulations girl. If you think you have been busy the last few years you have no idea. Twins are wonderful. Twins are beautiful. Twins have a language all their own. Twins entertain each other. However, twins both have to be fed, changed, bathed, played with and loved. Twenty four hours a day is almost enough time but not quite. It will be exciting and happy times so take lots of pictures. Wishing you all only the very best.


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I am glad you finally let people know Andrea... I have been busting here to mention it, but of course that was up to you.

I am so glad everything is working out. Will keep everything crossed to get past this first trimister.

Keep us posted. This is exciting... twins...I pray all goes well.

We are all going to be great Aunts and Uncles... :lol:

Maryanne :wink:

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Andrea, that is so great. I have a twin sister and we have always been very close, even when I moved to CA and she stayed in NY.

Since I was diagnosed, we both relocated to FL and she is truly a godsend. Knowing that when I'll need her, she'll be there is so comforting.

I wish everyone have a spouse/friend/sister/brother/etc that can porvide them the love,laughter and support that's so important.


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