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Dec. 26, 1986


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It was twenty years ago that we lost my maternal grandmother to this terrible disease, 9 short months after she was diganosed.

And now we battle the same disease with my mom. The sheer terror of it all is absolutely paralyzing.

May we beat it this time around - we'll do it for you, mamaw. Lillian Fuller 12/26/86

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I read in one of your first posts that you're only 24. My mother was d/x when I was 22, my brother was 19.

It's hard for young people like us to see our parents with a serious illness.

If you want to talk about it, don't hesitate to PM or e-mail me... Btw I'm from Montreal, Canada.


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First of all , I want you to know that I feel your fear and your pain , but... I want you to read , read , read here at this site. There are no two cases of lung cancer that are the same. No two people are the same and there are advancements in medicine being made every day. There are people who beat this disease and you just have to hang on to that hope. In the meantime, you can bring all your hopes, fears and victories here because we do understand. Keep your chin up Mitchell and know you are not alone.

Love & Prayers,


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Chant with me, "Die, Tumor, Die!!" Kill the evil cancer tumor. Chant either oneBig hug for KAthy and strength and prayers for you. Hang in there you will beat this! :wink:

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It is so scary and so many uncertainties seem to be looming about all of the time but you have a great attitude and that is very important as the support and the caregiver.

Here's to your mother, that she may have great response to treatment and win against cancer. She is young and has a wonderful daughter to carry her when it is all too much. Then, when it is too much for you to take, you can come here and release it all and have the support of so many.

Hang in there! We are all here for you!

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Thank you all so much. I'm all the more encouraged by my mamaw's bravery to fight this. In honor of her, and how times have changed, I thought I'd post a few pics of then - and one of now to compare. I like sharing pictures, I hope you all don't mind. On my forum (I run one for our church's youth department), we have an ongoing photo album at all times. It's one of the most popular threads we have.

Mom, pregnant with me. 1981


Mamaw, holding me as a baby. 1981-1982


Before she got sick.



During treatment - 1985-1986


Mamaw and all her children then.


The siblings back together again. 2006, a month before mom's diagnosis.


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