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MyTake on 2006


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Indeed, what a tough year in so many ways. The year I lost my dad, that my brothers and sister lost our dad, that my mom lost her life partner, and that so many people lost a true friend. But seeing it go is proving to be yet one more hurdle to jump over. 2007 will be the first full calendar year withour my dad, and as stupid and irrelevant as that sounds in my head, it is breaking the pieces of my heart into even smaller pieces.

To everyone else out there who is facing this new year without a loved one, whether a LC loss or not (they are ALL terrible losses, there is no OK way to lose a loved one), I truly hope and pray that it brings blessings and peace.

Happy New Year from Wyoming

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Laura, your last line really hit home - last night after midnight I cried harder than I'd cried in a while. I thought the same thing you did - our first year without my mom. And a small part of me felt like leaving 2006 behind was like leaving HER behind. It was so sad. Hang in there...

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