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Fluid around the heart...


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Have any of you ever had it and was the fluid tested... and was it cancer??

It's too far out to be radiation related...

She saw the heart doc today. He said he needed to consult with her Onc to decide the best way to handle this. He said they could do a needle, withdraw some fluid and test it; or they could open her up, get a sample of the tissue around the fluid and test it... But he seemed to want to prepare her for the worst... :(

So, what are your experiences with this?


God bless,


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Hi Christy,

Don't know how much help I can be, my dad has heart problems along with the cancer and had some fluid built up around his heart at the same time they were seeing it around his lungs a little over a year ago. He wound up on Lasix and all of the fluid went away. Maybe one of the chemos or some meds she is on is causing fluid build up. In any case, I hope its nothing. Hang in there!

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My mother had fluid around her heart (pericardial effusion) causing her shortness of breath and it diminished after a few chemo treaments (if I remember, there's not cancer cells in the fluid). The onc told her about a procedure called 'pericardial window' to drain the fluid, but it wasn't necessary.


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On a personal note, yes Deb and I did go that route at one point in her battle. the cells did test positive for cancerous cells. THis was probably about a year before she lost her battle so do not get discouraged hearing this. Her Onc told us this after 8 litres of fluid had been drained by the top crdiac surgeon in the area. that was a coincidence and not planned but appreciated so very much. The Onc told us that as long as it was just cells and not cells turning into cancer we were OK though. I trust him and respect him still a year later. The operation was done without being opened up by the way. Hope this helps in some small way tonite Sending prayers

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Well, she hasn't had any chemo or radiation for a year, no real meds to speak of either...

And her cancer marker keeps going up, and they've never found out why either... :(

Thank you for sharing and your thoughts and prayers.

wow, randy, that was a lot of fluid they drained off... I can only wonder how much mom has..

She has been sob and tired a lot too..


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I had pericardial effusion 18 months ago, long after I was cancer free.

My onc strongly suggested that I had surgery to cut a window so that tissue could be biopsied to rule out any cancer (I have radiation scarring to the back of my heart which looks suspicious on a echocardiogram). This was as much for my continued peace of mind as his I think but the surgery was well worth it......I could breathe again with no cancer worries!

Hope your Mom's problems are resolved soon.


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