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Oh my dear Bluebayou,

Keep yourself positive. My Buddy has had the bone cancer in his rib area and had 10 radiation treatments. It seems to keep it at bay and will you too. We can only look at today and hope you are feeling okay. If so, go out as much as you can if only to walk through WAL-Mart. Go out for coffee in the mornings and read some paper at McD's. There are a lot of people that meet and greet each other there and always enjoy more company. Don't forget, little things mean a lot.....

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I'm really sorry to hear about the news :(

I hear about a lot of good results from radiation to the spine, I'm sure your's will be positive, too!

Don't give in to this terrible demon, hope & attitude make all the difference for recovery.

My thoughts and prayers are with you....

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Dear dear BB,

Believe in the radiation, and keep your chin up. Take in some fresh air and sunshine. 8)

Use positive visualization during radiation... imagine the cancerous cells drying up and blowing away like so much ash.... just flaking away...... :mrgreen:

And remember, while you look around and appreciate your small blessings, that THE FAT LADY HASN'T SUNG YET, so IT ISN'T ANYWHERE NEAR OVER!!!!! :D:D:D

Every day is a miracle if you believe....


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Dear Blue Bayou

so sorry for your latest set-back ---but I am sure the radiation will take care of this met--most people respond very well to radiation---please try and keep positive, it is hard I know--

but you can over come this

regards eileen

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Of course you are sad and disheartened by such poopy news. I wish I could change things for you, but can only let you know that I will hold you in my thoughts and prayers that better news is just around the corner. Hang in there. Blessings.

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Hope you saw my post this morning. My Buddy's bone scan shows the skeleton system shows no cancer. that means that the cancer that he had radiation on in the ribs is gone and the shoulder is not bone cancer. I sure don't understand any of this but will take the good news and go very high today on that rollercoaster..

It will work for you too. Keep the faith.

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