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Dad has pneumonia now.

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Well, they had to call an ambulance for Dad today. He has pneumonia. His girlfriend said he had been on the couch all week. He is coughing up blood, vomiting, diarrhea, dehydrated, not eating. I am sure you remember that he had his right lung removed in October 2 years ago. We found out this fall that the cancer had spread to his other lung and his lymph nodes. Be honest with me. How bad is this? He is on Tarceva, but it had not caused any side effects. She said he had been living on alka seltzer lately. I don't know what to do, because I live so far away from him and I have three small children and my husband is in the Navy. Any advice, experience and prayers are welcome.

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It MIGHT Sound Bad, but keep in mind that the hospital can be the best place to get going again. The body sometimes needs rest and attention that only nurses and doctors can provide. It MIGHT Not be as bad as it sounds. I have seen worse in the hospital and is now out and about. My Dad with Morphine Overdose last summer. Intubated for 2 weeks and nearly clinically dead. Now is out and about and doing great. Nnot L;ung Cancer, But hospital stay. Sending Prayers tonite. think positive

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As RandyW said, things might not be as bad as they sound. A bit of care in the hospital did wonders for our family with relief from pneumonia symptom issues.

It comes down to waiting for test results and feedback from the doctors on exactly what's going on.

Hang in there -- we'll be here waiting with you.

Sending prayers for your family as well,


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