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Anyone want to devote a time again?


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Fantastic news. I too will admit I had some trouble sticking with the times. At the office I closed the door, leaned over to say my prayers with hands folded, and behold someone crashed in with an urgent question that only I could answer. Urgh!!! Oh well...on the good note, it is good to be needed in the world!

At the 6, my Lilli was screaming her head off...not a shocker, as this is pretty common place for her...regardless...I said what needed saying, and now I look forward to hearing more stories like yours!


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Wednesday night around 6pm-7pm central works for me. Its church night at our little Episcopal church and we have a short prayer service then. I said my prayer for all of us tonight and didn't even realize this was going on. Kinda of nice to know others were praying at the same time. I'm in every Wed night...easiest for me to remember.


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Call it chemo brain or just forgetfulness but I missed both times by a bit or perhaps it was because I was shuffling from one doctors appointment to the next and just lost track. Sure glad you caregivers are diligent. I think a lot of services are held on Wednesday evening so that truly might be a great time.

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