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Ernie's Running Picture!


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Hey...I just thought I would point out...for those who haven't seen it...Ernie has now in his profile a pic of him running his 1/2 marathon, complete with Breath Deep T and everything!

Ernie...you are such an inspiration! My parents loved the story of you running, and now, being able to show them your picture will be great - not to mention you look fantastic!

Stay strong all, and thanks Ernie for being so inspirational!


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Thanks for the nice comments. I just pray that by posting that it will give others hope. I always think of trying to do puzzles like the Rubik’s Cube. Once you show someone that it can be done, then they are able to do it. So by showing them that you can live with cancer, they will be encouraged and Believe that they can be a survivor too.

The way it was presented to me was if I did not get treatment I had a very short time and if I got treatment I would be very sick for 16 to 18 months. What a choice. So I picked "C" none of the above.

When doctors give you a choice between A or B, pick C.

There is such a negative cloud hanging over Lung Cancer and it hurts me when I see people give in to doctor’s reports and give up. If running that race just changes one persons outlook it was worth it. God has been so good to me I feel I need to share it with others

Stay positive, :)


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