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Lurker coming out.


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I have just been reading your posts for quite a while now, but my daughter tells me I must participate too. Soo today I will share some of our day. WE (I) decided it was time to get the furnace ready for winter. We are complete do it our selfers--some times this is not too good. So we begin to disassemble the furnace. He can't remember which way to turn the knob to get the pilot off---I get out the instructions---It says turn the knob clockwise---or counter clockwise--Now what!!! Finally we get it off and begin to remove the burners. I take them outside and begin to wire brush them. You know those really cheap wire brushes? Well try to get some better ones. I finally got the burners cleaned up but the brush is falling apart. The burners are back in but by then he was completely give out--so nap time now. We will have to continue this chore later today---Can't turn the air conditioner back on until the job is finished. Bet when it warms up we get busy again. Anne

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Now don't forget your sharing of Doctors without borders! You did show up that day when needed. Hope you finish the furnace. Sounds like you don't live up north. If you did you would have it ready before. Thanks goodness the jet stream moved over, last week we were getting pretty nippy from that Canadian air. Good news re no signs of cancer, hope he gets his energy back. Donna G

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That was the chemo combo I was on and it's tough good medicine. Killed the tumor I had dead.

Sorry to read about the neurological difficulties. Nerves on the outside, say, my arm for example, will/can grow a millimeter a day, which is slow, but they do heal to some degree. Hang on,and pray for improvement, slow and steady.

I still tremble on occasion. All in all, it's a minor point.



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Hi Anne, welcome to the board. YOu both sound like Buddy and I were before this horrible disease. Now it is just me most of the time. He would have a terrible time trying to get down on the ground then back up. seems that he has a bad time breathing when bending over.

It finally turned cold here about 10 days ago and now it is indian summer this week.

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Thank goodness for do it your selfers, and good old Canadian winter air!

There's nothing like the feeling of accomplishment when you complete a job that you had to teach to yourself or to each other. It's even better when it's a must fix situation. It also keeps the mind busy, and thinking of something else besides what brings us all together here. Welcome Anne.

David P.

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