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Scan results


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She did it!!! :lol::lol::lol::lol:

Mom had her scan Friday, and met with her onc a couple hours later. We don't have the official radiologist report (with quantifying information - % decrease, and actual size of the remaining tumor), but our doc went over the CT with the radiologist and is very pleased with the result. So much so that she thinks consuling a surgeon would be in order. SUrgery might not be an option, and at 83 Mom might not want to go under the knife, but it's nice to know that the improvement was such that it's a consideration.

She will still have her 4th round of chemo (3 days of Carbo/Etoposide) in a couple weeks. Her onc wanted to give her a little more time to get over the radiation. As her NP said - she doesn't get extra points for suffering, and waiting 2 weeks won't affect the treatment.

I can't tell you how very happy I am,and how proud I am of her for the way she's tackled this whole affair.

Mom's already planning a trip to Arruba with her 4 of her life long buds, so this bump in the road hasn't slowed her down much.

I know the journey isn't over, but this is a nice rest-stop!!

Thanks to everyone for your support through this!


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