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Getting to Know You - March 15


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Mom and I went to a movie two days before she had her stroke. It was supposed to be a "scary" movie called "Primevil" and we didn't know anything about it. We both love scary movies.

Turns out it was a movie about a killer crocodile, and other than being gross, it was so bad that we made fun of it almost the whole way thru.

Wasn't a "funny" movie, but we laughed alot and had fun.

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I'm not big on funny movies because they are seldom funny to me. They always seem like they are trying too hard but my kids made me go see that Will Farrell movie where he's a race car driver. I actually laughed out loud a couple of times.. I liked it, it was pretty funny.

I normally laugh more at the kind of movies Katie described.. where they are supposed to be so scary or serious they end up just too funny..

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Hands down, it would have to be "40 Year Old Virgin". I laughed through the whole movie, I hardly ever laugh out loud but that movie kept me going.

I just saw the movie Borat and have to admit that there were a few scenes in it that made me laugh.

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