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Always something, isn't it?


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I have a friend that was "diagnosed" with ALS...then it wasn't ALS, it was something else. Then it was a tumor by his pituitary in the brain (which, IS there, but benign, thankfully)...however he had one HECK of a doctor who was concerned with his weight bouncing up and down and ordered a full body CT. Guess what? :(

They're now doing all the "actual testing" but he's got a few things showing up, all in the lungs. The good news? The biggest one is 8.4 mm. The bad news? It's showing up in both lungs, whatever it is. (I'm not making the leap to LC with this until it's official by biopsy).

I told him, no matter how it turns out, this place was here for HIM, too...so I'm hoping to see him show up and start poking around and getting some information.

Just got me thinking about ALL of you again...and I wanted to say how much I've really appreciated the companionship that I've received as my family's travelled this path. You all are such a Godsend.

Much love and many, many prayers...

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Thank G-d it is not ALS. So much more needs to be done for that disease too.

I wish your friend the best. Just to give you some "hope", my dad had/has multiple things in both lungs. Per the biopsy from the right, one was cancer, others were not. So we are not sure on the left. Right now we hope just the one was cancer. And he also has a blip on the brain.....Multiple nodules does not necessarily mean bad. Keep us posted.

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Missy, your friend is very lucky to have you for a friend! Like Kasey, I'm hoping that he doesn't need to be here but if he does, we'll be here with open arms and lots of support!

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