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Getting to Know You - March 16


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Ry, I am right there with you. I hate Sears too. Also, how clever to have crap and bathroom in the same paragraph.

And again, like you, I would redo stuff in my bathroom. I have gray, yep gray, tile and I hate, loathe, dispise and detest it. But that requires a jack hammer. Does Sears sell jack hammers?

Guess a new vanity here too. And if I could find a john that wasn't low flush, ok tmi.

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Tool Cabinets for my Kitchen gear LOVE THE red color and the style of Cabinets for Kitchen utensils. Lawn and patio also. 5000.00$ WOOOOHHOOOOO :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

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I'm not a Sears fan either. Since I'm pretty much living a transient lifestyle at the present moment and don't have a home :shock: (jeesh, that sounds scary when you actually type it :lol: ), i have no clue and it would have to be stored. I guess I would get a really nice gas grill, an outdoor patio set, a really really nice vacuum (the kind you hate to waste money on yourself)and save the rest for Christmas. I think they have nice Christmas things there and most of my Christmas stuff has crossed the fine line from family heirloom potential to busted trash. :roll::)

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