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Big Event Week!!


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It's crunch time for Playing for a Cure and I am feeling it. I will be all wrapped up for the next week but will be back with pictures and the wonderful happenings for the day.

Please say a little prayer for us!!!

Also, I am hoping to have the website updated by late Monday with a final update. We have a great selection of awards this year honoring many from this online family.

We are so excited. If you get bored or just want to travel to Memphis next weekend....come by and check it out.


Schedule of the day:


Bands begin at 10:00

Funk Deville performanceat 12:30 www.memphisfunk.com

Award ceremony at 1:15


Bands begin at 3:00

University of Memphis Symphonic band performs at 4:30

Award ceremony at 5:30

Here are the new things:

* We have local survivors that we will be speaking to the kids about "the greater good and why they are doing this" before they go on stage to perform.

* We will have a display manned by a very brilliant lung cancer survivor who is also a professor of pharmacy. He will discuss lung cancer to all attendees that may have questions needing answered.

* We have a display designed by a honor science class called myspace.lungs....to reach out to kids about lung cancer awareness.

* We have more awards and more honoree's this year as well as everyone who was honored last year!!

*15 middle and high school bands and 62 solo and ensembles (around 800 kids)

Thank you!!!!!!!

To all of you that submitted stories, gave donation, or any other contributions!!

It wouldn't be what it is, without you!!!

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It sounds absolutely wonderful. It is great that in addition to raising much needed research dollars, you are educating the public about lung cancer and raising awareness. The displays and speeches will make a huge impact. You should be so proud.

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