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Yep. See 'em every now and then myself.

Is she on pain medication? What I see is spiders crawling on the wall in my peripheral vision. When I turn my head, they miraculously disappear. Since I hate spiders, this really freaked me out the first few times it happened, now I turn to see if they disappear, and if they don't THEN I freak out...

I don't know if it's a hidden side effect, but I do know I'm not the only one. I'd tell you about my hospital experience, but those hallucinations were x-rated..LOL

She's not crazy, she just seems that way!

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I've had the same thing going on for a few years, long before I got involved with the cancer crowd. I'll be working with something on the kitchen counter, for example, and a roach or some nondescript bug will catch my attention in my peripheral vision to the left, darting further left and out of view. If I turn to look, there's nothing there. Moves much faster than the standard "floaters" which most people have from time to time.

But I didn't realize there was an x-rated version available. I should probably upgrade my subscription! :wink: Aloha,


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My mom had a real strong reaction to the fentanyl patch also. She was seeing dogs and pink raincoats. I was really freaked when I went in to see her and she was talikng about the dogs that were in the hallway of the hospital. I made the MD change her pain meds and she stopped "seeing things" within hours of the patch being removed.

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My hubby sees what he calls water buffalos in his drinks. He gets angry that they are in there and needs a new glass and drink. He sees and hears a lot of things these days...Are the bugs upsetting to her? If so, I would say something to her doctor and see if you can get something else.


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