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Possible new diagnosis..........


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My sister is having a biopsy in a few weeks. I have so many questions and so little information. In October they did a chest xray as part of her annual physical. They saw spots in both lungs and thought they might just be scar tissue from past bronchitas or pneumonia. They did the wait three months and watch.

In January they did scans again and saw that two of the nodules in one lung had changed...so they are doing surgery to biopsy the nodules and will remove the lobes they are in if need be.

She has given very little information and kind of acts like this is nothing.

She and her husband were moving into their new house and her husband was going out of the country for work so she postponed her surgery (don't get me started) for a month. The pulmonary specialist wanted her to have surgery immediately. The surgeon said she could wait a month.

My question, if we don't know what it is, ie if it IS lung cancer - and we don't know what kind, slow growing, fast growing, why on earth would you wait a month for the biopsy/surgery? I mean this was first detected in October - that is six months ago?

If it were me, I'd want the sob out of there if it is by chance lung cancer.

I am very worried about her. We lost my Mom to lc 7 months ago today. I say you find out what it is right now and remove it for best outcome.

My sister smoked for about 20 years or so, she is age 60 and quit smoking 15-20 years ago.

Does anyone have any thing to share? I'm sorry I do not have more info but she is not sharing. She insists if it is LC that they will just take care of it....almost like its not serious. It sounds a bit like denial to me and I am very concerned about waiting for surgery.

Thanks for anything you can share.


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I suppose she is dealing with it by minimizing it. If the surgeon says it is ok to wait, hang on to that. At least she is going to have a biopsy and then a lobectomy(s) if needed. I guess she does not want lung cancer to preempt everything in her life. Who does?

Don M

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Hi Kathleen, Yes I think Don is correct here. Your sis saw what happened to your Mom...so she knows.

You said they did more scans. I suspect they checked for mets like brain MRI, PET of chest area, bone scans etc?

Did you hear what the PET said? Maybe you are not getting the whole story. If these scars are growing, then they are not likely scars.

On the other hand you live close to excellent medical facilities, so I'm sure her doctor is on top of this.


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