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Getting to Know You - April 6


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Feeling safe.

I really miss the feeling of being safe. When I was a child, we would stay out after dark and chase fireflys for hours. There was never anything to worry about. Life was good, people were good and kids were safe. I sometimes think that my grandbaby will never be able to play outside without her parents watching over, fearing someone might harm her.

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I agree with the previous three!!!

And I will add, KINDNESS.

And I mean kindness everywhere....The grumpy clerk in the store who rings you up without making contact, the rude bank teller, the people who cut you off in the grocery isles and don't say "excuse me", the people who cut you off on the roads and exhibit road rage, the teachers with little patients for thier students (or sleeping with their students), just simply saying please and thank you would be nice.

How's that? LOL.

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Working in a public jr. high I'd go with RESPECT every single time. :shock:

I sit back and think, often, "My mother would have KILLED ME if I'd have done something like that!!" For someone who just recently passed into her 30s, it amazes me how truely different things are now compared to even 15-20 years ago.

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