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I did things backwards, as usual!


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I posted in other areas before introducing myself. :roll:

My name is Nova. I'm 45, and married to Harry.

Harry was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer in January of this year ('07).

We live in Florida. We have 3 children.(2 adult "children")- Joshua, (30), Erin (24), and Jacob, still at home, is 14.

Harry is a construction superintendent, but is currently not working, due to chemo and radiation side effects.

His SCLC is in the limited stage, in his left lung, in nearby nodes, and wrapped around the bottom of his heart.

I'm a "used-to-be" Nurse's Aide and home health aide.

It's nice to "meet" you all.

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So what if you did it backwards. At least you did it. I have not. I feel we'll become very close as our hubby's are in the same boat. I really enjoy looking at your family on the CarePage site. Thank you for sharing.

Hang in there and keep the faith.


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Thank you for the welcome, and like I said, I did it backwards, and some of you have already been such a great help to me, with information and an outpouring of friendship!I appreciate you all!

Laurie, Thanks for having a peek at the web page I'm working on for Harry. The pictures I'm posting are making me laugh! They're coming out really blurry and discolored for some reason! (probably my old computer!) Looks like several of the family members are missing front teeth, and are "one eyed", etc.!!!! :D Honestly, truly, we aren't really THAT bad!!!! LOL!

Thank you all. I'll think of, and say prayers for, each and every one of you, every day.


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Hi Liz

I was just going to email you, as I hadn't heard from you, or seen you post! Hope you're feeling okay!

Harry was sure it was the patch making him sick, but it's been a week since he stopped using it, and he's still feeling nauseated.

We're beginning to think it's the IV antibiotics doing it. Not much that can be done about it, if that's it.

I called Moffit and spoke to the RN. He said for Harry to take a whole Ativan tablet. (he'd been taking only half, because he hated that it made him so sleepy). We just started that yesterday, and he seems a bit better, so maybe that will do the trick.

Thanks for asking! Hope you're feeling okay!



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As a fellow newby I also wanted to welcome you. My thoughts and prayers are with you. You are right when you said the treatment is tough but I just keep thinking if it's causing this much trouble I hope it's also doing it's job elsewhere. Welcome!!!!


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