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More LC in the family

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We've had some bad news here, though it's not regarding Mom. Rather her partner, Susan, found out that her oldest sister was diagnosed with LC. We begged her to come here, as Thompson Cancer Center is now affiliated with MD Houston (and I truly believe Mom got top notch care here), but she chose to stay back in the woods in Kentucky. They took weeks doing just the smallest things. She's known now that there was 'something' on her chest xray for at least a couple of months and they just did the biopsy last week. Her lung collapsed. Then after they did confirm it was NSCLC, they didn't even do a mediastinoscopy, no PET scan, no anything. They scheduled a brain MRI the same day they planned on attempting a lobectomy (talk about going backwards!). Unfortunately, the MRI showed metastasis to the brain, so they did not proceed with surgery. Susan is just absolutely devastated. First Mom, now her oldest sister. She's living it all over again - but with even worse prognosis this time. And we still do not the extent of the metastasis.

I gave her this website and I hope she comes here and takes advantage of the wonderful support.

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