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You may ask why cell phone? you see I lost my earlier tonight, I don't know where somewhere between my driveway and when I dropped my daughter off at her music lessons. Looked and looked, no luck, someone probably picked it up. I canceled the phone, don't want anyone running up my bill.

You're still asking why cell phone? you see it was the last birthday present Carlton gave me, he knew I needed a new phone and of course my b-day perfect match. Not only did I lose the phone with numbers but it was a camera phone and with it all the pictures I took are gone too. The hardest is that there were pictures I had taken of Carlton on the very last trip away we would take together. I only took 2 pictures of him, but they are gone, forever.

I can't replace them, I can't replace Carlton. I know it's only a cell phone, I mean, I have lost the greatest thing ever in my life, my husband.


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Grace - sorry you can't find your cell phone. Now try this - it worked for me with a shoe. Ask Carlton to show you where it is. You never know - something might lead you to it. I have thought the same about mine though- I have two little video clips of Gerald at a party in the summer - this leads me to realize that I am going to need to tape them off onto a cd or something. Heather

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Did you happen to have the phone ON when you misplaced it???

My suggestion would be (failing Carlton giving you a hint to where it is) to call the cell provider and explain WHY that phone is so important. They might be moved to try to "ping" your phone for you and give you an idea of where it's at. Something to try if all else fails.

Thinking of you and hurting for your loss...even if it is "just a cell phone"...I think we all understand that it's not.

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So sorry, Grace. I do understand why this is so important to you and am saying a prayer that you find it. You know, go ahead and talk to Carlton about this one. Dennis helped me located somethings I was looking for after he passed. Sounds crazy but it can happen. Ann

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I did the same thing with Hubby's hoody sweatjacket. I was wearing it, smelled like him, and then it was gone and thought I had left it somewhere, much to my HORROR, and I found it yesterday, 3 1/2 weeks later, in the bottom of my son's closet. Don't give up on the photos/ phone yet. Have you tried calling it from another phone at your car? There are a lot of nooks and crannies in those crazy automobiles.


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Hi Grace

Just more fuel to add to the fire. (((((GRACE))))))

I am so sorry, I can only imagine the frantic searching you did.

But you never know, somehow you may find it or someone will call the provided and they will find you.

Fingers crossed here.

Maryanne :wink:

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