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one week after the first round of chemo... My dad is saying hes very weak... no energy... wants to garden but cant... does the body recover some inbetween rounds of chemo or does it stay at a level or does it get weaker... besides infection what else should I watch for?

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DEHYDRATION!Be sure that he drinks lots and lots and lots of water. This is really important. If he doesn't want to eat, have him try small amounts of food many times a day. It's important to eat, also. Ice cream, other "comfort" foods - mac & cheese, mashed potatoes, pudding, etc - and other bland foods sometimes are easier to eat. Keep him away from people who are sick, small children, crowds. Tell him to wash his hands frequently (even if he thinks they aren't dirty) and to keep his hands away from his face. A soft toothbrush might make brushing easier. Dental health is important now, too.

I think most people find that they sort of recover between treatments, but as the treatments go on the "feeling better" time gets shorter. Be sure he tells his Onc about a fever over 100.5 (or whatever he was told to report).

Good luck. Many of us wonder if we'll survive chemo, but we do.


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I just wanted to point out to you that in this Forum there is a STICKY and Katie is the Author and posted it. It says, "Chemo Side Effects" You might want to just take a peak at it.

I was weak from chemo and tired for months after I completed my treatments. Everyone is different, but if you think there is a problem, always, but always call the doctor.

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My husband was on Carbo/Taxol and he crashed a few days after chemo til about one week after. We called it "being in chemoland". (He's becoming a permanent resident.:? ) Then he started snapping back. He golfed throughout the eight cycles. Hydration is important and any fluid (without caffeine) qualifies. Cumlative effects will see him slowing down more after each chemo.

Hopefully he'll be starting to feel well very soon. Then he'll feel great by the time he is ready for the next cycle. So it goes... :shock:


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Im so tired I forgot I posted here... sorry...maybe someone can merge the post over in NSCLC

anyway yep


admitted tonight

BUN at 76 :shock:

he doesnt understand why he needs to spend the night... is grumpy.. no cigs and no booze... whats he gonna do... drive the nurses nuts thats what

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Dang...sorry to hear he's in the hospital (I DO love that he's worried about being stuck there, though! :lol: ) I know it's frustrating, though. Hopefully they'll get him pumped up with fluids and he'll be on his way back out and feeling MUCH better!

Much love and many prayers...

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