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Four Years -


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Hey Debi,

I don't stop in this section much, so what a surprise to see your post. Waaaayyyyy to be!!!! Congrats!

Hmmm...a dog? Sounds like you are one mentally healthy young lady and THAT is a GOOD thing. :D

May you continue to live a good life in your new location with your son and your little dog too.

Lotsa hugs,


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Thanks for all the well wishes!!!!

Just to clear my life up for those who are as confused as I am where I am :shock: -

I'm actually finally relocating to Ohio after 7 months of living here temporarily (my 'stuff' is finally coming up from Oklahoma next week and I'm moving out of this stupid corporate apartment -yee haw!).

The corporate headquarters for my job is on Long Island, so I'll be going to NY twice a year for conferences. Its a 9 hour drive from where I am in Ohio and I drove it this last time because there were major flight problems. Btw, I am driving next month to NY again - this time to see my mom (I grew up in NY) so I will actually have some free time for a change, to visit people.

Again, thanks for the replies, as always.

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Sorry this is sooooo late Debi. I have not checked this forum for awhile. If you posted under survivors I would have seen this.

Anyway Congrats on the 4 year milestone. That is absolutely wonderful. I am also so happy things are working out for you with your new life there.

Penna. and NJ does have beautiful views and I am so glad that a negative turned into such a positive venture for you!

Good luck with your new position and hope all is fine with your son.

Take care and come by more often.... miss you here.

Maryanne :wink:

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Thank you Maryann, for visiting and seeing my post.

Just a clarification - I post in Early Stage because out of all the forums on the board, this is my home. Not just because I am a moderator here, but because this is where I feel the most comfortable expressing myself.

There was a time years ago when people who were early stagers would stop in for awhile and then leave for good. At one point, traffic here virtually stopped. As a result, when there were changes made, the early stage forum was omitted from the board. Katie and Rick brought it back (a million thanks!), and Gail and I became the moderators. Because of this, as a moderator, and an early stage survivor, I (and others) realize the importance of keeping the forum active.

And so when I have my anniversaries, this is where I choose to celebrate them.

I know that this forum is important to those people that have early stage concerns- it is a place where they can voice them with no apologies. It also is somewhere you can go when you're fearful, and don't necessarily want to go to other parts of the board. And just like all the other forums on the board, it is also a place that needs hope.

So basically, although I have posted on other forums on this board, for the most part this is where you will find me, knock on wood. I appreciate your visit and your wishes as always.

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Hey there Deb!

Cute puppy :D Now we both have little white babies, mine just has long hair.

I just sold my old place and bought myself a brand new house in the little town of Molalla, you've probably never heard of it. I'm three years out now and feeling A-OK. Moving in is slower than it would have been three years ago but it's coming along.

Happy things are going so well for you :D:D



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