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I need some opinions on a few things:

A) What are your thoughts on Manicure and Pedicures during treatment? I have been doing them until I recently read I should not due to possibility of unclean tools. I asked my Doctor's nurse today and she said it is okay to have them just pay attention to the tools and if they are getting sterilized.

B) How many of you do something about the missing eyebrows? Mine are not completely gone but every week there is less and less. I went to the MAC counter and they drew them for me and they look pretty natural. When they grow back, do they start off as little short hairs? Just curious.

C) I read somewhere not to use false eyelashes also due to infection. The make-up lady at the MAC counter told me that many of her customers that undergo chemotherapy are using them with surgical glue and washing and applying each day and their doctors are okay with that. My doctors nurse said it should be fine. Anyone else use them and what do you think about them?

D) I have wanted to ask this question but afraid to ask on a mixed gender forum. Anyone having trouble with s.... due to burning? My docs said the chemo put me into menopause which has thinned my skin. Said I should use Estrogen cream in small doses if approved by my oncologist. My oncologist has approved but I'm still afraid to use it due to the hormone. Anyone have thoughts on this?

I'm sorry so many questions...


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Okay, Lilly, I'm game to answer :? ! As to the manicures and pedicures...........I had them BUT did not have the girl use any SHARP implelments. She used DULL pusher-backers for cuticles. Had extra creams and oils to make it more pliable.

I never lost ALL my eyebrows...........just had to become more adept at using brow pencil :shock: !!!!

No clue about false eyelashes. Not sure I would want to go that route. But if doc says no problem....well.....there ya go!

Last question........lots of LUBRICANT. I didn't go the estrogen route...just regular type. That with hubby's 'grease' seemed to work okay.

Love ya, Lilly. Hope you're feeling okay.


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I have input on a couple :)

1. Nails: My mom stopped for a bit but then just had to go. We told them that she was undergoing chemo and had them sterilize twice. Another option would be to bring your own tools. They require it in some states actually.

2. Eye lash: I am not sure about false ones, but I know you can get extensions at a salon. I never had them, but the lady that does my eyebrows started doing them a year ago. She said they are good, the only problem is that it takes a lot of upkeep.

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I went to my moms nail lady to get my pedicure because I knew she would make sure everything was sanitized. So just make sure they sanitize.

Well mine by the end of my treatment were totally gone. I did not use an brow pencil. I just was not good at it. But if you can make it look good go for it:)

The eyelashes I heard the same thing too. I did not mess with them but if doc said ok then I would do it.

I also had to use lots of lubricant. It seemed to work just fine.

I hope this helps. Any other questions you can PM.

Take Care

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I had chemo with the breast cancer, and although I lost my hair, my eyebrows and eyelashes did not disappear. I had thick eyebrows and eyelashes to begin with. I know that one eye's lashes did not return to normal.

When I was going through chemo I remember walking up to the Clinque counter and telling this little 20 something that I was going through chemo and needed good concealer. She turned white with fear.

It was at my breast cancer support group that I heard about Astroglide. Now that was 10 years ago and NOBODY mentioned dryness.

Now they have commercials . . . :wink:


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Hi Lilly,

Did the manis and pedis - just went to higher end salons, not the cheap nails only places in strip malls. Also had them sanitize extra good. Buying your own tools is a good idea too.

I didn't draw my eyebrows on, I'm not that good at it. They're back right now and they did start as little hairs, but didn't seem to take too long to make a pretty good showing.

Don't know anything about the eyelashes.

I had to use lots of Astroglide - worked better than anything else I tried. I was afraid of the estrogen cream too. I would use a lot of the stuff - and if it wasn't enough, stop and use more. Now that I'm only on the Avastin, I don't seem to need so much - not sure why, I'm pretty sure I'm still in menopause.



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ok Im a woman Im not under treatment but I will tell you the best lubricant I have ever used.

Pjur Eros Lubricant (in the little black bottle)... its nontoxic,flavorless, and DOES NOT get sticky....Nor does it continuosly need to be reapplied can be used as a massage oil too. also you only need such a teenytiny amount... less than the size of a dime lasts FOREVER.

you usually only find it in those adult book stores (they will demo it on your hand if you wanna see how it feels an doesnt get sticky)... but you can order it online for those more discriminating folks... http://www.condomdepot.com/product/detail.cfm/pid/2645

yes its a little pricey but trust me one little bottle lasts 10x longer than those other ones like Astroglide an KY

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My experiences:

A) I never had manicures or pedicures during treatment. I developed a blood clot and was on blood thinners several months after treatment so I had a couple of manicures and pedicures but asked them not to use anything sharp and just gently push back cuticles, no cutting.

B) I lost most of my eyebrows. Mine grew back pretty quickly (not as thick). Actually all of my hair came back much finer and softer at the beginning. A couple of times I did use an eyeliner that matched the color of my brows.

C) I was done with chemo but still going thru radiation and tried fake eyelashes once. Don't know about during chemo, but if your Dr. says OK...

D) After my rad. hysterectomy 13 years ago (cerv. cancer), my Gyne Onc. told me to use Astroglide. I tried during my lung cancer treatment, but wasn't helping much.. My Radiation Oncologist and my Gyne/OB, both women, told me about Replens for dryness. Helped a lot!

Good Luck to you, please keep us posted.


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