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Here wo go again or ? About seizures


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Don't know if you remember, but my mum was "NED" after the chemo removed her brain metasis a month ago.

She called me frightened the other day, because she had a seizure. She was talking about seeing a small blinking spot on her eyes. It went away 15 minutes later, and since then there have been nothing.

She was presenting with the same symptom, when she was diagnosed. But at that time the spot didn't disappear from her eye

She was also talking about her vision the last couple os days were getting a little blurry.

She called the hospital and made an agreement to talk with a doktor on friday.

I'm just wondering - Could it be the chemo affecting her vision - Or are we facing a reccuring brain met? Could it be a blood clot instead?

Anyone with experience? Her treatment is Cisplatin + Vinorelbine.

Best Regards,


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Is she using any steroid such as decadron? Dec, often prescribed to reduce swelling for treatment of brain mets can have as one of its (slightly less common) side effects, blurred vision.

Hopefully its not a recurrence, but if it is, I wonder if the docs will do WBR to hit the cancer a bit less focally.

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Cisplatin I know from experience is rough on hearing.

If anything related to seizures is a concern, she should consult a doctor. I have had spots and stuff, but nothing I would term a seizure.

My mother has glaucoma, and she has blank spots peripherally. That's another story.

Good luck,


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