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How about an add-on story???


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We haven't had one in eons. For those of you who have never participated in one, it's very simple. Just add anything you'd like to the story and pass it on to the next poster. Don't be shy, it'll be fun.

Just as the sun was going down, Billy got up from the dinner table and brushed the crumbs from his lap onto the floor. His faithful canine companion, Bootsy, gladly lapped up each and every crumb. Billy was so excited as tonight he was going out on the town to celebrate his divorce from Mary Lou. His first stop would be...

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If the cow faced a grim fate,

Randy can not get a date.

with out my cow, I have no Mate!!!!

But would be oh so great,

to have with all my friends, a good steak on a plate!!


Click on the link for a special surprise From RandyW


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Is this the end of the story??

What happened to Randy's Cow?

Did she go an a rampage and mess up the Bar?

Did she become filet and ribeyes and strip steaks oh my??

Did Billy and Bootsy escape unharmed?

Will Mary Lou Reconsider the divorce??

Many unanswered questions, so stay tuned..........

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sitting at the kitchen table, one hand on his forehead and the other hand gripped tightly around the handle of a large blue mug, filled with piping hot coffee. Larry thought......

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