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Getting to Know You - August 9


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considering Mom & dad survived the depression I think I am luckier. Never had that problem.. BUt man are they tougher for it!!!

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oh ours. My dad was so smart and was lucky to finish high school. Being the oldest he had to work to help out with the family. He never went to college and would have succeeded and would have been in a career in something that he could use his intelligence instead of just a of just a job that he was stuck with and hated.

Mom never worked just did her chores and took care of us kids. She never drove a car.

Also, me growing up... I was not encouraged to go to college, just my brother was.

Most kids now of days, have to go to college or some kind of secondary type of school to become certified in a certain field.

Bring back the old days, though.... I miss the innocence, all of us sitting at the dinner table every night at 5:00 and I was gone all day with my friends until dinner time. Mom and dad never knew were I was, they had no reason to worry then, I am talking about being age 8, 9, 10 etc.

So many things we did that if it wss today, we would be taken away by DYFS.

I don't know if we are better off thought. My folks had no credit card debt. They just things on time and paid it off.

Maryanne :wink:

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I think in some way's it's now tougher but i believe the innocence of yesteryear were much better.So much less to worry about and so much less complaining about living in America.I honestly believe the culture of the 60's is what is dragging our country down today.Also our national and personal wealth has become our GOD in far to many way's.And it seem's like the more we have the more we complain and it just amazes me how the Children of our Ancestor's have changed into a Attitude of what can the Goverment do for me not as John F Kennedy asked what can i do for my country.Like me and another person were talking the other day as when we turned 17 or graduated from high school most of us joined the military as we felt it was our obligation to serve, and once out of the service we went on to colledge or marriage..But yes if Wealth and material thing's are what you feel make's your life better than yes the future is better....

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I think I had more opportunities available to me than any of my four parents did (I'm adopted). College was available to me with no worries about finances, as my parents had struggled and saved their entire lives to provide that for me. I don't believe I took life and my education as seriously as either of my parents did and now I wish I had been more serious.

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Being a woman, my opportunities are greater. I remember the disparity in men and women's salaries, if a woman was even lucky enough to manage to fight their way to a job that was equal to that of a man. This happened in MY lifetime.

I no longer have to worry that my sex will be an obstacle to getting paid as much as a man for the same job. Yes, my opportunity to succeed is far greater.

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