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Mom gets knocked out tomorrow for ct-angiogram....(update)


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I am so supersticious. The one time awhile back I didn't post about a test, my dad got diagnosed. So it is out of obsessive compulsive psychotic neurosis that I have to post about tests. Sorry :)

My mom undergoes anasthesia tomorrow for a ct-angiogram where they go through groin to brain to check out her angiograms. She is not happy about it and is afraid of not waking up.

And still waiting for my dad's ct-results.

In like 30 years, when the "Scheff Institute of Hope" opens, with Jacob (now 7 1/2 weeks) as radiologist and Elizabeth (now 7 1/2 weeks) as physician assistant, I won't have to wait for results :P

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My mom is done and laying flat for 5 hours since they went in trhough the major artery in the groin.

The anyerusm neck got a little bigger, but nothing to do now and she will get re-tested in 6 months.

Thanks for the good thoughts!

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Hi Andrea,

Glad your moms test if over. Hope all comes out well. Let us know anout your dads CT.

Try not to stress (ya right) I just know they will get good results. Everything crosse here.

Hope you are getting some rest. :roll: I bet you can't wait for the day, they sleep through the night.

Take care my friend,

Maryanne :wink:

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