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Gratitude - August 24th 2007


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I'm grateful that my long time friend

Ann that will be operated for the removal

of a cancerous kidney is more concerned

about her dog than herself, she had to wait

one year for the operation, lists are

long in Canada.

Her third journey with cancer in nine

years and she is in a high mood.

Operation August 30th, any spare

prayer accepted.


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I am thankful for the fdact that I always have room for Spare Prayers!! ANd one for Welthy.. Debi, and Tony and that he is doing a little bit better today..

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I grateful for today. I woke up and was blessed because I woke up. I have felt gloomy all week and today is a great day. Prayers for Jackie's friend Ann, prayers for Tony's SOB difficulties and prayers that Wendyr made it back to Florida ok through all the weather issues in the midwest.

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I just got back from dinner with a girl (woman) I went to high school with. (I know I ended a sentence with a preposition). She has had Parkinson for over 16 years and she knows she is now failing BUT her attitude is great, she is just amazing. I am so gratful to be her friend.

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Our town was hit by 2 tornadoes tonight. It missed our house but hit the downtown where we own a historical building. I am grateful we are all fine, my mom is fine (she lives close to us) and we miraculously had no damage to our building.

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I'm grateful that as I was looking through a drawer just a couple minutes ago, I came upon a ring box made in the shape of a long-stemmed rose.

You guessed it, the "rose" Bill gave me when he proposed as we were walking across the Golden Gate Bridge.

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