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What can I do?

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Hey everyone. Having one of those icky moments again. It was my daughter's 2 year birthday party today. Every year I put together a slide show for my kids recapping their year. Today when we watched my mom had tears in her eyes and I could tell it was hard on my dad to see that. Then my Grandma (Dad's mom) started talking about how she felt so bad because he had to go through this with my Grandpa. I feel like my Dad could really use a break and so I want to plan something fun for my sister and sister-in-law and I to do with my mom while the guys take my dad to do something. It would only have to be for a day. Does anyone have any ideas? I just want to have a fun and light day. I would suggest a group pedicure for the girls but mom's toes are still infected from the Tarceva so I don't think that would be a good idea.

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Since I don't know what type of stuff you girls enjoy, I'm just going to toss out a couple of things.

1. What about some type of live performance, like a play, concert, comedy club, etc. that would be light and fun?

2. Since pedicures are not appropriate, what about a spa day...massage or facials, or a "make over" day with new makeup/hair styles?

3. A "class" of some sort that would suite your interests, like scrapbooking, art, cooking, computer, etc.

4. A good old fashioned SHOP day with a long lunch included!!

Just a couple of ideas. But the best part will be simply spending time together while the "guys" take care of Dad. Enjoy each other to the fullest!! Ellie

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If you have one of those "do it yourself" pottery places--where you paint a paice and they fire it for you--that's a lot of fun for a group of girls.

My mom likes to go out for lunch and then an afternoon movie matinee. It's about her favorite thing to do.

I hope you find something she will enjoy and will give your dad a chance to relax with the boys!


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Mom getting sick was a wake-up call for us to spend more quality time with her so my sisters and I have had several 'girls night out' with mom. Here are some of the things we have done. Lunch and trip to Botanical Gardens. Trip to the local casino. Hotel room booked at Embassy Suites to just hang out and play games all night. Mom's breathing was not optimal and she was fatigued for most of these trips, but we just made sure we could take a wheelchair everywhere we went and we were fine.


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I think anything woud be good. It is the time together, and time for dad, that really matters.

Mom and I like tho try a new resterant and we also enjoy a shopping trip. Though a dinner theater is also a fun option. JUst took my MIL, it was great.

Prayers to you and your family,


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Here are a few ideas ...

1. Shopping together. My mom has more fun shopping for me than for herself.

2. Feed the ducks at a local park

3. Take a drive to a river and fish a few lines.

4. Go to a local football game or live performance.

5. Buy beads and make some jewelry, or take a beading class at a local bead shop.

6. Make care packages for those in need.

Just a few ideas!


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Thanks for all the great ideas! Once we get through the PET tomorrow I will bring it up to the others. I think it is easier for girls to find stuff to do together. Maybe I will suggest a little fishing trip to my brother for the guys. I know Dad hasn't had his boat out much this summer.

Thanks again!


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My aunt had a woman come to the house to do manicures for the girls. It was great because my mom did not have to leave (was in pain from surgery and also self conscious about her hair loss) and I could have my 4 year old daughter with us which my mom enjoyed watching get her her nails done. She was there 3 hours or so and we ate, talked, and forgot about life for a while. You could find someone on the internet in your area I am sure. Hope you all have fun!

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