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Insensitive optometrist!!


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I was at the optometrist today for a recheck. I had just received new contact lenses and was having problems. I was trying to explain it to the optometrist, not in any way accusing him of making a mistake. Right away he got an attitude and very defensive and almost snotty saying it was because they are toric and notorious for being a problem, and blah blah blah.

I was just about to respond when he says “It’s like a smoker getting lung cancer and saying, now how did that happen?”

I was speechless. :shock: As I drove home I got angrier and angrier thinking could this guy be a bigger HIND END? Who says stuff like that to a patient of any kind? Now granted he doesn’t know my mom has lung cancer and was a smoker. But does that matter? I wish I had been able to say something – anything!

I know this is so minor in the grand scheme of things and I am probably overreacting. But I will not be going back to him. Rant over.

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Omigosh!!! Ignorance knows no bounds. I'd have popped him one right upside the head.

Sorry Leela for having such a dolt or should I say former dolt for an eye doctor. Good thing you changed anyway -- I've rarely had issues with toric lenses. Maybe it was the man prescribing them!


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