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Scan time for Mom - UPDATE


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Tomorrow my mom has her next CT scan. She has finished her 6th round of chemo. Her last scan, which fell on my birthday, had good results. This one falls on my sister's wedding anniversary and we're hoping for good luck again. I'm requesting prayers and crossed fingers for great results.

Thanks all!


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Well, there is good news and bad news. Good news is that, other than the largest tumor, not much else came up on the scan. Bad news is that tumor has grown to 6.3cm. It is partially deflating her lung which explains the increased SOB and coughing. It is also pushing on some blood vessels, which may explain the chest tightness she is feeling. So time to move on from carbo/taxol.

We saw the radiation oncologist right after the results appt. She will go Monday for the planning session, new tattoos, pics, then treatment. He is hopeful she will respond as well as she did her first time around, although that was for a bone met. It will be a higher dose - ball park of 20-25 treatments. He also mentioned concern about SVC syndrome down the road and hopes to head that off with treatment.

After radiation, back to the chemo onc. to see what 2nd line treatment he may give - Topotecan was mentioned.


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Thanks everyone. Yesterday we were all reeling again, but today we're trying to get back in fight mode. I told mom that this is just a set back and we're still in the game. She just wants some energy back and to not be short of breath from just walking around. Hoping and praying radiation (or as the radiaton oncologist said "spot welding")is the key.

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