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Still Missing Dad


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Four years ago on Oct. 14th I lost my Dad to lung cancer. As I sit and type this the tears are streaming down my face because I still miss my Dad and am still grieving his loss. I know there is no time limit on grief however, I did believe that after four years it wouldn't "hurt" as bad. But, it does. I miss him and hate what lung cancer did to him. I will go to the cemetary, pay my respects, and try to deal with the heartache and loss the best I can. So heres to my Dad......I wish you were still here with me, I love you, and miss you everyday.


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It has been almost 5 years sense I lost Johnny and a little over a year and a half sense my ex husband died. It still hurts every day. Heck I lost my mom 22 years ago and a brother 22 another one 29 and still another one 33 years ago then my dad 13 years ago. It still hurts every day. I still feel the loss of each of them. It doesn't go away we just kind of get used to the feelings. Then one day someone will say something or a song will come on the radio and the tears start.

The people in our lives are a part of us. When they leave this Earth they take a part of us with them and we grieve for that part of ourselves as well. We just have to remember that they also left a large part of them here with us and nothing can ever take that away from us.

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