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Chemo Frequency


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I've read a lot of posts and am wondering if anyone knows why some people have chemo every week and some, like my husband, once every three weeks? He had four sessions, the onc. said after 4 sessions the chemo doesn't do much more so he will change the "recipe" and try other drugs. I am really wondering how they decide.


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I don't know much about it either, but it seems the doctors go by the type of cancer, plus the individual person too.

My hubby got 4 rounds of Cisplatin and Etopicide. He was suppose to get 6 of them, but had too many side effects.

He then got 1 dose of Carboplatin, which wasn't a good one for him either.

Now he's on Taxol, and feeling a little better.

He's had doses every 3 weeks for 3 days, once a month for one day, etc.

It sure gets confusing!

I was also under the impression that after 6 rounds, he would be done with chemo! That was a total mis-understanding on my part. He's only gotten one short break during the last 9 months.

Hope they find the perfect "concoction" that will work for your husband, quickly.

Take care,


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