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Regroup pass


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I need a hall pass just to regroup. I have been so busy with work projects that I just can't keep up with all the posts I have not responded too and it just seems to get more amd more. I feel so guilty for nor answering.

Too many lately on the grieving and newcomers etc that I am just overwhelmed.

I promise I will be back and there will be times that I will answer some posts. I just need a break.

So sorry... I can't believe that I fallen so far behind.

Joel gets his CT next Tuesday, will let you know the results. I just hope that nodule has not grown,

Sorry to be a burden and sorry for keep saying sorry.

For everyone having the walks.... good luck. Ours is coming up next week and I still have not gotten my P&G basket together yet.

Love ya all,

Maryanne :wink:


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I'm on the same kind of leave myself so hopefully we'll each catch the few posts we'll both be making.

No need for apologies, we all have to step back at times and regroup so just take care of yourself and Joel and we'll 'see' you again soon.


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I'm finding it difficult keeping up too, Maryanne. It saddens me there are so many newbies finding the need to join us here. Take your time and do what you can. I'll be thinking of you and Joel and praying for wonderful results. Too bad work interferes with the rest of our life, huh??? Take care and don't forget to let us know how the scans go. Good luck at the walk.



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We understand. You've always been there to lend a hand, and it's time you take a break for yourself and Joel. Yes, it is so hard to read all the newcomers' posts, as well as hearing that we've lost another friend. How I wish those forums would no longer need to exist. Wishing you great success on your upcoming walk. Keep us posted on Joel. Ellie

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Thanks all,

I am not far I am here. I read what is going on when I get the time.

Joel had his scan yesterday and will get the results on Tuesday.

I have some good news, I surpassed my goal of 1500.00 for the walk next Saturday.

Take care,


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