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Pre-Diagnosis??? - Out of my mind!


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  • 3 weeks later...

Hi all, Had the surgery on Nov. 19th, home on 22nd Thanksgiving! Full open, both sides, no VATS. They found nothing on right side at all! and nothing in lymph nodes. On the left they found a 1cm acinar, solid, adenocarcinoma. Moderately differentiated. Invasion into visceral pleura: Present/ Invasion into parietal wall/chest wall: Absent.

Saw oncologist yesterday and staged 1B because of pleura? Have to make a decision regarding adjuvant chemo. He says no one now has the correct answer for 1B patients. If I want to be aggressive, do the chemo. I'm 56 y.o., in good health before this, diabetes (oral meds). I have gone though so much in the last 40 days. I am leaning towards observation as opposed to chemo and introducing something new and possibly bad into my system. Anyone out there 1B on what you did and why? I'd love to hear from you! Also, I want to Thank GOD! for all of you who prayed for me, supported me, and helped me to get through this thus far. You are in my prayers as well.!!!!

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If you look back through my post, Dr. West replied to my question on adjuvant chemo. for stage 1b. I have been trying to make that decision for 2 weeks and received alot of good advice from members on here.

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Hi Jim,

Wow! That's a lot of surgery. How are you feeling? I was diagnosed as 1B twice (if that's possible). Both times I had adjuvant chemo - Carbo and Taxol the first time; Cisplatin and Gemzar the second. I'm glad I did. My reasoning was that if I did it and it wasn't necessary, that would be too bad but I could live with that situation. If I didn't do it and should have, the situation could be life-threatening and I might not live. It was an easy decision for me. As you can see, it did return. The path., surgeon, and Onc think that it was a new primary but since the second one was the same as the first, they can't be certain. Anyway, it's been 3 years since the second surgery and I'm fine (knock on wood). Let us know what you decide to do.


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I would suggest posting a NEW message on the


This is a forum for early stage support. This would be those that are staged at a IA, IB II, IIA, IIB staging.

Look on the Index Page and see which Fourm would better serve you rather then continuing on with your Introuduce Yourself Message.

Or maybe you would find more hope and information in the NCSCL/Mesotheleoma Forum or the LC SURVIVORS FORUM!

I think one of our other members just talked about early stage chemo treatments in another forum as well. I'm sorry I can't remember which forum it was, but it was one of the above I mention.

Best wishes.

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I was staged 1B because of the pleura involvement, and also because my tumor was 3.1 cm. At the time of my diagnosis, chemo was a new recommendation for those with stage 1B and 2 situations. My surgeon said that his hospital was 'mildly endorsing' this course of treatment.

After I had chemo, my surgeon told me that other studies had come out strengthening the case for adjuvant chemo in early stage people.

Now, I understand that studies are out there that show no difference for stage 1B people, but I will never regret my decision to get the chemo. For me, it was a case of doing everything available to me so that this did not come back, and, at the time, that was to take the chemo.

I waited about 7 or 8 weeks after surgery and then had 3 cycles of cisplatin/gemzar. I did not have any major adverse reactions, except that low blood counts delayed some of my treatments, and I continuted to work full time throughout the time I was in treatment. I didn't do much else, but once my chemo was over, I started to feel better within a week or so.

I realize this is a tough decision, but you do have some time to consider everything. You need to heal from surgery first.


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About the adjunctive chemo, you should definetly have it done. Better safe than sorry.

My husband was 1B but had the chemo done late because of some complications. The earlier the better.

It is a doeable chemo so don't be afraid of side effects. They have many drugs now that could help that. My husband did not have any side effects besides the hair loss and some pain about 3 days after the chemo which he took pain pills.

He had 5 treatments and it really does go fast. Before you know it, it will be over.

Up to you to make that decision, but adjunctive is a good way to go.

Hope you relaxing and healing okay.

Good luck, you are so lucky they caught this early and it was operatble and it did not not go to your lymph nodes. You have so much to be thankful for as only 1 in 4 is operatble.


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