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Gratitude - November 19th 2007


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Good morning all,

Beautiful weather today

and yesterday was full

of laughter and happiness,

grateful to Lucille for the

beautiful day we had, doing

nothing special just spending

one day together.

She is a very interesting woman

we met when she was waiting

for heart surgery and I was

healthy, now it is reversed

her operation was very succesful

and she is heathier than ever

and I just tag along for now.

Friendship works both ways.

Have a nice day


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I'm thankful for my friend Dianne.

We've been long distance friends since I moved from Calgary 20+ years ago and she has just offered to come and help if Richard needs a break or I just need help anything.

What's so remarkable you may ask.....3 weeks ago she had cryogenic surgery to remove a malignant tumor from her kidney and she's offering to fly 2,000 miles to help me!

I'm even more blessed with friends than I thought.


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