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Patti B

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With Thanksgiving just a couple of days away I thought I would get the conversation going.

Sometimes we forget all the things we have to be thankful for when this awful beast is hanging over us 24/7. But then I got to thinking.......

Just made another birthday - last year thought it was my last.

Am here for another Thanksgiving - last year didn't know if I would or not.

Unless there is some cruel trick waiting for me I will see another Christmas and New Year - remember crying last year that it was my last.

AND I have found this website and all of you who have given me so much hope, caring, courage and support.

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!! Eat lots of turkey and enjoy the day!!

God Bless You All-

Patti B.

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Me too, Patti. In the fall of '04 I was told I'd be 'gone' by spring '05, so.......last Thanksgiving and Christmas. Guess what???? I was here for them both AGAIN in '05, and AGAIN '06, and I'm going to make it AGAIN in '07. Hope scared newbies read this and see that the medical pros don't ALWAYS know what they think they do!!!! Congrats.


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Great Topic Patti!

I'm Thankful for each and every day I get up! :D

I'm Thankful I have wonderful family and friends to get me through the tough times and laugh with me during the good. And love & support me know matter what!

I'm Thankful I can laugh and honestly enjoy life even when the days aren't so great!

I'm Thankful for LCSC and ALL that it has given me over the years.

I'm Thankful they haven't run out of options to fix my broken heart!

I'm Thankful to be a Lung Cancer Survivor and Heart Disease Survivor.

I'm Thankful for all the beauty in our world.

Happy Thanksgiving to All.

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Great thinking, Patti! How are things, fellow Buckeye?!

I am THANKFUL for mom being diagnosed and now fighting this beast. (I'd rather know and be fighting than go on in ignorant bliss.)

I am THANKFUL for my Dad - he takes such good care of Mom and they together provide us all a wonderful example.

I am THANKFUL for the medical professionals and the tools they have to help her in this fight.

I am THANKFUL for our family's faith for that is what will get us through.

I am THANKFUL for my wonderful husband and two beautiful, healthy boys.

I am THANKFUL for LCSC and all of the wonderful folks here. And I am THANKFUL for Dr. West and his generosity with his knowledge.

Blessings to all this Thanksgiving!


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I emailed this out this morning.

It is and was intended to include everyone on this site.



This is my fifth Thanksgiving of survival in this battle.

Without my Doctors, my Friends, Relatives and Loved Ones and their support and prayers I would not have been this successful.

Thank You All and have a Happy Thanksgiving.


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I'm THANKFUL for the simple things in life that I can still enjoy -- things that I used to take for granted and never will again.

I'm THANKFUL that I've come to accept the limits that have been placed on me by age, illness, and personal circumstance.

I'm THANKFUL for the unconditional support I've received and the understanding, compassion, and perspective I've gained since being diagnosed with cancer.

I'm THANKFUL for the Internet, this marvelous website, and all the friends I've met here.

I'm THANKFUL that I live in Hawaii where it's still morning on Thanksgiving Day and my dear wife's yummy meal is still a few hours in the future.

I'm THANKFUL that my Taxol taste buds have recovered enough for me to enjoy that yummy meal.

I'm THANKFUL that my Tarceva fingertips are beginning to heal.

I'm THANKFUL that I live in a country where regime change is done peacefully and on schedule.



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