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Hello everyone - my dad had first round of chemo last Wednesday (11/14). First couple days afterwards he felt ok, then major fatigue - basically he said he felt "wiped out". Nauseated - but no vomiting. Yesterday a urine test revealed that he was dehydrated so he had a iv of fluids given. I just think he got dehydrated kind of quick...but knowing my Dad - he's been "sipping" but not really chugging the fluids like he needs to be. The doctor's office didn't seem too alarmed - all in a days work for them I guess. Just wondering if any of you caregivers have come across the same thing. You think your day is going to go one way - just a quick trip to the doc for bloodwork and then radiation 30 minutes tops - and you end up staying a couple hours for an IV and then having to skip radiation because it was so late. The "new normal" I guess...it's just so hard...well this post was more of a meandering vent than anything else.

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Hi and welcome to the Lung Cancer Support Community. I'm glad you found us.

Yes, twists and turns are part and parcel of the LC experience! Dehydration is not something to be taken lightly (though it happens) so try to keep your dad drinking his water! It is not at all unusual to have treatemtents postponed for one reason or another. Just like you said--the new normal.

Let us know how he is doing,


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also keep in mind what he is drinking.

My dad is a Alcoholic and cant go without his beer or Canadian Mist and no matter what I tell him considers that to be fluid. He would wind up in the hospital for his dehydration cause he wouldn't drink enough water to counter the alcohol.

also Pop is another one that older folks tend to think of as fluid and the caffiene and other chemical additives tend to dry you out

so push the water all the time set timers if you think it will help... I started bringing my dad water every couple of hours and taking the old glass away after making him drink as much as he could.

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Hello and welcome to the community! I'm sorry about your Dad's diagnosis and dehydration experience. Everyone is right -- no alcohol, no caffeine, etc. We also relied heavily on Gatorade (potassium & electrolytes) and water. Always keep a stash of Gatorade available. Orange juice is good too if his stomach can handle it. I used a chart for my husband to check-off each time he drank a glass of fluid in the early days of treatment. It was good for awhile, until I caught him randomly making check-marks to satisfy my looking at his chart! :roll: This dehydration experience may actually have given your Dad a huge push in the right direction to avoid this the next time. Forty-Eight plus ounces of fluid minimum per day, but check with his Doc to see what his recommendation is.

Yup, twists and turns. Every day brings something different. Hydration is really high on the list of must-do's though.

Good luck and let us know how he does next round.


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One of the drawbacks of water after chemo is that for some of us it tastes awful.

I have this problem and use all sorts of flavorings to make it palatable.

My favorite is to add small amounts of Maple syrup and lemon juice, (I experimented until I found the proportions I liked). The concentrated juices - Roses Lime Juice, Ribena, Orange Squash, Lemon Barley Water - (the sort that also go in mixed drinks) are also good.........anything to change the taste may make Dad more willing to drink if this is his problem.


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Dehydration can be very dangerous so it is a good thing you are concerned and watching for it. You've been given some good advice but in addition there are other ways to get water in him without drinking. You can feed him pasta, rice, jello etc. -- any food that absorbs water in cooking and it will also help hydrate him. I work with individuals that are disabled and went to a dehydration class and the dietitian said that any liquid (except alcohol) counts-- don't worry so much about it being water if he isn't a water drinker--just get in the fluids.


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