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Hi my name is Bess & I was diagnosed with SCLC with mets to liver on 2/14/ I recently registered and just posted my story (so far) in the SCLC topics. I meant to post it in this section but I am new so please forgive me for being redundant! Just a newbie learning her way around.

I found this board while searching the internet for information on SCLC. After finding so many horrifying statistics about this disease I came upon this board and felt like I found a home. I read so many of all of your inspirational posts and was so moved by so many of you. I find your courage outstanding and awe inspiring.

I emailed Katie B because her dad had the same diagnosis as I do and was so impressed by her warm and wonderful spirit. She replied and sent me the most encouraging email I have ever read and gave me the courage to post on this board.

I have had three chemo treatments so far, I am on Irinotecan and Taxol, once a week for two weeks and then one week off and then the cycle continues for how long I do not know yet. This is all so new to me that I do not have a lot of knowledge yet. I believe it will depend on what my CT scans show when I am retested in a few weeks.

So far I have been very fortunate with the chemo treatments. Just a little diarrhea and some fatigue for a couple of days after the chemo. My blood counts have been excellent so far, but I know that can change at any time.

I have always enjoyed excellent health until Lung Cancer came into my life and I am determined to fight this disease with every ounce of my being God willing.

Thank you all for this wonderful forum and I hope to be a regular contributor in the future

Best Always and may God bless us all and help us to overcome this disease.

Bess B

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Welcome to this great family here, Bess. My wife goes for her third chemo treatment tomorrow. She goes every 3 weeks for carboplatin and taxol, with a Neulasta shot the next day to keep whitel blood count up. She seems to be steadily improving. Keep up the good spirits. God's blessings! Don

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