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Gratitude - November 28th 2007


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Good morning!

Grateful to find faithful Jackie has started this thread again.

Grateful that my sore throat is getting a bit better

Grateful for memories of Brian.

I changed a light bulb last night in one of those annoying 'screw on glass bulb ceiling lights' (I hate those) and was feeling sorry for myself as I struggled till I remembered that Brian always did it and he only had one hand and a 'hook' .

Made me realize how self absorbed I can be and I smiled as I remembered his awesome 'can do' attitude and his perseverence and his strength and dignity in all things.


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As I was driving home yesterday, I started thinking about my home and realized how much I have to be thankful for right now, as people are losing their homes right and left in our state right now. My home is such a place of comfort for me. It's so great to pull in my driveway and know that inside I can retreat to a safe, warm place...away from the day's craziness at work. It's so sad to think of how many people in this country don't have the comfort of a home.

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Grateful that I finally got my computer monitor replaced at work today. I was on vacation all last week and when I got back to work on Monday...nothing but a black screen. Hard enough to catch up on all that missed work as it is, much less without a computer. Also, I couldn't check in here throughout the day. :wink:


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Thankful that no one had any kind of practice tonight, and that we all ate dinner together---at the same time!

Grateful that my DH's grandmother, who had a heart attack yesterday, is doing much better, and that his uncle (who was in a race car accident) has only suffered broken ribs. Could have been so much worse!

Thankful for the job that makes me crazy some days.


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