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Dick Benson

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I have a very sore throat from Radiation treatments, which the radiation lab warned me about. The gave me a perscription for a product that on the label says "Anti-Cand". I was not given instructions from the VA as to how exactly to use this and I tried to "Google: Anti-Cand with no results.

Has anyone heard of this and/or utilized this and can give me some idea as to how to use it?



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I would guess this to be an anti-candidiasis (yeast, fungus) preparation. However, I cannot find it by this name either. Is there a number that you can call - like an "ask-a-nurse" line at the VA, so that you can ask how to use it?

If not, just to get through until tomorrow, the major drugstores all have a lot of products in the dental area for sore throat pain. Maybe you can get something to help.

Wish I could help more. Maybe someone else will know how to use it.


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call the pharmacy at the VA, any pharmacist will be able to help you. when you have a drug question, they're your go-to folks. :) not that i'm biased having taught so many. or take it to a local pharmacy and ask them for more info on what it is and how to take it. i'm unsure what it is as well unless there is more info on the label.

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I have no idea what that is....Definately ask the doc... I did however want to mention that I was given a "magic Swizzle" for the throat pain from radiation. It helped sooooo much... I am not eactly sure what was in it but your radiation onc. could definately give you info. on that.

God Bless!!


P.S. Remember radiation is only temporary!!!It will get better!!!

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I can't help with your prescription problem. But I just wanted to encourage you, my hubby just finished his fourth week of radiation ( 5x a week ) and has one more week to go. This past week his throat has been dreadfully sore. He got some kind of gargle from the doc, but he says it doesn't help much. He gargles with baking soda and warm water. He sips water and anything that goes down easy. It's a day by day thing, just getting through it. But today he found out his tumor shrank from 10 cm to 6 cm and next week the radiation will be aimed differently, not as near his throat. So the pain has been the pits, but he is making progress. Hang in there. Try different things and see what works for you. And get your pharmacy to help you out, they should be happy to do so. Best wishes to you.......

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You can also try 'magic mouthwash' It's only available on prescription but the pharmacist compounds it. It's made of lidocaine, mylanta and benadryl. If thrush is present then nystatin can also be added. My hubby used it to numb his mouth, throat and esophagus during radiation. Good Luck


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