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Stomach upset


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Many of us who have had a pneumonectomy develop tummy trouble after surgery. All the internal organs shift to some degree to the side where the lung has been removed. Almost all of the people I know who have had a lung removed (left or right) have had to go on acid reducers, at least for a while after surgery. (things like AcipHex, Prevacid, etc.). You should bring up the stomach problems with his doctors so they can do something to relieve the pain.

Best Wishes,

Fay A.

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Hello Guitargod,

Yes it is pretty normal and will get better but I'm 2 and 1/2 years out and still take over the counter meds about every other day. He should get something from the doc for it. I was on prilosec for about 6 months after my lung was removed. It helps alot, not just with the stomach but also the breathing.

God bless and be well

Bobmc- NSCLC- stageIIBleft pneumonectomy- 5/2/01

"absolutely insist on enjoying life today!"

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Hey GuitarGod,

Yes, it's pretty normal. I took prilosec for 2 years. I also had reflux problems, not sure how much to blame on the surgery. It eventually gets much better, but in the beginning go for the medications, and don't be shy about asking the doctors for medications to reduce side effect/after effect symptoms. If you feel better, you'll recover your strength a little faster.

Just my nickel's worth.


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Yep stomach problems come with the removal of the lung. Had my left lung removed almost 3 months ago now and no one told me before hand that there would be a organ shift and that probably there would be stomach problems. I since learned from this forum that many who have had their lung removed have the acid and gas problem I have been on Acphex 20mg once a day for 2 weeks now there has been a good change in my stomach. I also take simethicone 80mg after every meal and at bed time for the gas. It all helps. At least now I can have a cheeseburger once in a while. And a good chef salad also. Am still trying to get off the pain meds, like this morning I went 7 hours in between and the 8 hours the next and now tonight I have found again that I can't go that long yet. Been on 5mg oxycodone with 325mg acetimenephen for 3 months. I now take 1/2 pill every 4 hours. Also there is usually with the lung removal surgery the problems with the numbness in the chest and side and back. Hope and pray all goes well.


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WOW! I don't feel so alone anymore! :P

I only had a lobe (And I found out later part of the lobe above it) removed and my burpies started as soon as I was eating regular food again.

My last ct showed my esophogas had shifted and the docs think this is the cause. Oddly, I am the first time they have seen this. With all your posts about it, this suprises me now.

I was given Nexium "The Purple Pill" and it works very well. I only use them on occasion tho. It seems to be getting better.

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Hi I had a lobectomy in June of 2000

first I noticed I had a ton of indigestion, this lasted about six months---but I was also over-eating cause I quit smoking so I attributed it to that---when I asked my surgeon he did not think it was due to the operation, but too many people that had the same thing had indigestion , so I do not think it a coincidence---

however, I now have acid reflux , only at night which wakes me up, which I never had pre-operation---I currently do not take anything for it but perhaps I should


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