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Gratitude - January 9th 2008.


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Wednesday already,

weeks are shorter

or fuller.

Grateful that my eyesight

test, (after the bout of

allergies all in the head)

still shows *Excellent vision*.

This way I will see where

I am even if I don't know

where I'm going.


Of all the things God created,

I am often most grateful He created


(Charles Swindoll)


Have a good day.


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Grateful for our "back to normal 80 degree weather". I don't like being cold!

Grateful that Harry is trying his first dose of Cpt11 today. Praying it works without making him sick.

Jackie, where do you find all of the little "wise words of wisdom" that you post? I absolutely LOVE the one you have with your post today.

"Of all the things God created,

I am often most grateful He created


(Charles Swindoll)

I keep copying them and adding them to my email signatures.

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Grateful to my hairdresser who will today once again make my grey hairs magically disappear - gotta love her!

Grateful that Jackie's eyesight is excellent - I laughed about your comment you will at least see where you are going, even if you don't know where you are going. My grandmother said that often - you really do speak so much like her! Amazing. Grateful to you today Jackie for reminding me how much I still love and miss my Nan and for the many beautiful memories I have of her.


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