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Hey everybody, sorry to be missing, I am keeping busy. Today we celebrated Mom's 42nd birthday! She continues to do so well, it just amazes me. She's at work full time. . . has not missed a single day since returning to work after treatment and everything. She does use oxygen at night when sleeping, but other than that, people who meet her have a hard time believing she was ever sick.

The fear is always in the back of our mind. . the other shoe dropping. I remember hearing that statement when I first came to this board and thinking "I just wish I didn't have to worry about the first shoe!" Well, by and by we made it. We were all afraid that we'd lose Mom within weeks or months. Her own mother died of lung cancer nine very short months after diagnosis, but we've learned that treatment is much better today, there is much more hope, and many options.

I wish I could tell all the people out there who are newly diagnosed to hold on. Anyone here can tell you I was paralyzed with fear when I first came to this forum. I cried till my face was sore. But you have to find hope, you have to fight, and you have to think positive. You'll never, ever, take another day for granted. You'll never be the same. . . but that doesn't always have to be a bad thing. Take a day at a time, breathe, and be thankful for each moment. This site was the single greatest resource I had as a family member. I found support, knowledge, wisdom, and when I thought life was over. . . I found hope.

Sorry for rambling. We are doing just fine and I will check in a little more often. :)

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Hey glad you posted and all is fine. That's the news we need to hear.

You certainly have given much hope to our newcomers. I remember clearly how scared you were when you first came on here. It was all doom and gloom. We helped you though it and look at the difference a year makes!!!

Glad all is well!

Maryanne :wink:

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