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Feeling of Doom?


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This may sound really strange, but I wanted to put it out here and see if any one else may have experienced anything like it.

I was dx w/ nsclc & brain mets in 10/06. During the summer before that I noticed that every once in awhile a strange, almost scary, feeling came over me. I couldn't shake it for atleast 5 minutes each time. At the time I contributed it to a freaky movie I had just seen, but now I look back and wonder if my mind was trying to somehow alert me that something was very wrong (cancer in my body).

Has anyone else ever experienced anything like this? Somedays I think that I just must be nuts. Just wanted to see if I am the only to have experienced this.


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Hi, Colleen:

I'm sure the information is available, and it's just a matter of accessing and interpreting it. But it's probably good that these types of impressions are walled off from our day-to-day thought processes -- otherwise we'd drive ourselves crazy trying to figure out all this stuff and never be able to survive, let alone prosper, in the "real world."

I personally am sort of numb and you have to hit me over the head to get my attention. My wife is very intuitive, and sometimes what she feels is disconcertingly on target, but other times the source for her random impressions is never found. Three weeks ago she mentioned to me a couple of times in the same morning feeling "a blanket of cold fear" almost overwhelming her, while things seemed perfectly normal with everyone at our house. Around noon a fire department emergency team followed by an ambulance came rolling into our cul-de-sac -- a neighbor's mother had suffered a stroke, which developed into a series of strokes, and she is now in the hospital's long-term care facility.

While your feelings the summer of 2006 may well have been related to the cancer that was growing inside you, similar feelings in the future may be something else entirely. I think the best most of us can do is use them as a "heads up" to be alert for something unusual that may be happening or about to happen. Aloha,


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Ned, thank you so much for that! I actually had one of those moments again yesterday and the first thing I thought was "Oh no, something is going wrong with my treatment, this isn't good." But your post made me realize that it might just be something else that might be about to happen - not necessarily to do with MY health or family.

Whew...thank you!!!!!!!!!!

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I get those premonitions very often,

but most of the time they are not

related to me, just about situations

that may be happening around me or

about people I know.

I have them since I'm a child should be

used to them but each time it is like a

fast flash that is gone before you can see

what it is really happening.


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I don't know if this is the same thing but about 6 months before my Mom was Dx she was having what we thought were panic attacks-her Dr prescriped Zoloft but she didn't take it @ the time. My Moms kind of cancer does something that makes it's own hormones-not sure if that could have caused the adrenaline rushes/anxiety? We still don't know-she started her Zoloft a few weeks after being DX and never got them again.


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Oh wow! Thanks everyone.

Dar, the funny thing is that my Dr. also prescribed Zoloft for me right before my dx too!!! I was so emotional and having these strange flashes, so he thought that I might just need a boost from something like Zoloft. I am still taking it and haven't really had one of those flashes until the other day....and you know I think I may have forgotten to take a few of my morning pills that day, one of them being the Zoloft.....hmmmmmm.

Thanks again everyone!!!! See you on Saturday Gail!!

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I experienced something similar. Only mine was probably in the few months before I was diagnosed. I was having thoughts of dying and found I was having dreams almost every night of people I had known in the past - some very insignificant people in my life - weird. Can't mean much - I'm still here after 3 1/2 years and still fighting!

I also had indents in both thumb nails that wouldn't go away - should have paid attention. They went away after treatment started.

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I too had very strong feelings of doom especially first thing after wakening up from a night of weird dreams. I just knew something was wrong. I went to my doctor in february and asked for a CT scan. He listened to my lungs and said they hadn't sounded as clear in years (He had been treating me for asthma and chronic bronchitis for about 8 years prior). He had sent me for an x-ray (at my request) less than a year before this, so felt a CT scan was unnecessary. My "premonitions" just kept on getting stronger, so in April, I took myself to a pulminologist and asked him to do a CT scan. And there it was.

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I do know there is something called "drumsticking" of your big toes that many LC patients get. I only found out because my big toes are sbsolutely gross looking - they look like big drumsticks!!! And those nails are disgustingly ridged and the top layer is peeling off the top layer. As far as the drumsticking goes, everything I have read says they don't know why some LC patients get it, don't know how to fix it and its really not a problem. I will be wearing closed-toed shoes all summer, though!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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Hi Patti,

I've never heard of "drumsticking" and don't think I have that. My toenails are pretty much the same as they've always been. It's my fingernails that are ridging deeply. I just googled it and it seems that "aging" can cause it. Shucks, I ain't that old, LOL.

Hugs back,


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