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Radiation Question

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Hi Everyone,

My mom had an upper right lobe removal as well as the center of her chest lymph nodes removed. She will be going for 6 weeks radiation only for the center of her chest not the lung. She wanted me to ask if anyone out there had the center of their chest radiated and what to expect through out. Any info. is appreciated once again!



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My mom just recently finished radiation to the center of the chest and she did pretty well. About halfway through it started getting hard for her to swallow some foods. She had to eat soft foods such as mashed potatoes and shakes. She also felt like she had a lump in her through/esophagus area which she said was uncomfortable. I think the side effects were worse with the chemo (but everyone is different).

I hope this information is helpful!

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I had the exact same thing.

The radiation was pretty easy for me until about 5 weeks in, then the burning in the esophagus started and lasted about 2-3 weeks after radiation was finished.

I hope everything works out for your mother.

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It does get hard to swallow about midway through and gets worse before it gets better. Also, when the actual sessions are over, the "radiation" continues and the discomfort goes away ever so slowly.

The reason the radiation is to the center of her chest is to eradicate any rogue cancer cells that may be hiding out in the lymph nodes or trying to sneak over into the other lung. It really is common, her lung lobe has been removed, there's really nothing to radiate there.

If she's been trying to lose weight, this is a very good diet plan - she truly will have to force herself to eat. When the discomfort begins, post again and you'll receive all kinds of hints on what to do to alleviate the discomfort and what to eat that's high in calories and low in scratchiness.

Good luck!

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Hi Marci,

I am a bit late on responding to your question, but wanted you to know that I had 6 weeks radiation to the middle of my chest with NO side effects.

My doc warned me of potential burning/sensitivity on the radiated skin area and swallowing problems - I have none.

If your mom does start having problems, they do have a mouthwash that she could use that helps some.

I have my fingers crossed that your mom sails through her treatments.


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