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This 65 year old woman is naked, jumping up and down on her bed laughing and singing. Her husband walks into the bedroom and sees her. He watches her a while then says, "You look ridiculous, what on earth are you doing?"

She says, "I just got my check-up and my doctor says I have the boobs of an eighteen-year-old." She starts laughing and jumping again. He says, Yeah, right. And what did he say about your 65 year-old a$$?"

She says, "Well, your name never came up."

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Okay ~ this is bad. I usually moan each time I read one of Fred's jokes :roll: . I take absolutely NO responsibility for any of them. However he has NOW decided to share our 'personal' life for the sake of a laugh :?:oops: !!! I'm on my way to have a word or two (MANY) with him right now :P:x .

You guys have to stop encouraging him :wink:!!


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