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Gratitude - March 20th 2008


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Good Thursday to all.

Still in the storm and

grateful for surviving

till now.

Easter Day will be beautiful

and the first one under snow.

Still remember those little straw

hats we were so proud to wear on

Easter Day when we were young,

will have to wear a tuque this

year and a winter coat, weather

will be 8 degree only....and may

have to wear snow shoes to move


but grateful to be here.


Happiness is a perfume you cannot

pour on others without getting

a few drops on yourself.

(George Bernard Shaw)



man who gets treed

by a lion but enjoys

the scenery.

(Walter Winchell)


Have a good day.


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Grateful that I had a wonderful vacation with my family in Florida - we laughed a great deal and created many happy memories. I want to thank my family, friends and community for enriching my life in every way.

Jackie - I hope the spring season brings many birds and flowers to your neighborhood (less snow would be nice!) I love your attitude and wish I lived closer to visit!

Blessings to all,


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Thanks, Jackie - it's been years since I thought of those little white straw hats we would wear on Easter morning. I particulary remember one year and the hat I was wearing had little artificial fruit on it. My dad chased me around all day saying he was going to steal the fruit and eat it!!! I laughed and laughed!!! Oh - and remember you just had to wear those little white gloves to church!!!

Thanks for reminding me of that!!

Patti B.

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